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Here I start the obsession method brief………

I feel a bit embarrassed admitting this but I used to have a torrid time getting women to notice and want me.

I’ve never been the type of guy who wanted every woman to be attracted to me, but the thought of being ugly, overweight, and alone in my late thirties always bothered me.

These issues regarding approaching women in general date back to my teenage years when any conversation with a particularly attractive woman ended up with me saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

After one too many awkward conversations, I started looking for tools and guides on how to attract women.

I consumed as much content as I could from self-proclaimed dating ‘gurus.’

But all the tricks and shortcuts I read or viewed in the past were way too impractical.

I didn’t want fixed steps on how to ask a woman out on a date – I needed to know how women think!

Needless to say, I tried all the dating apps in the market – Tinder, Bumble, Ok Cupid, etc. and my path to understanding what women need or desire in a man, seemed even more derailed.

The problem wasn’t with the apps…

…I simply had no clue about how girls operate when it comes to relationships.

For a time, I presumed that I just don’t have the wisdom or patience to participate in the modern-day ‘dating game.’

After many lost battles, a female colleague of mine recommended the Obsession Method.

She told me that one of her favorite YouTubers, Kate Spring had created a multiple-step program.

Apparently, she and all of her friends were long-time fans of this channel called, “Love Learning.”

According to these girls, the program called Obsession Method had changed one of their male friends ‘game.’

She told me that the program would help me pinpoint loopholes and hacks that exist in every woman’s mind.

So, I thought to myself, ‘why not?’ and decided to join the program.

After all, I had tried everything on my own. Taking a woman’s advice might help me.

The following is my experience with the Obsession Method.

I don’t wish to coerce people to buy the program, just inform them whether it’s just another ineffective relationship program or not.

At first glance, the program may seem a bit complex but you’ll soon realize just how easy it is to follow and implement (as I did few pages into the program).

In this The Obsession Method review, I’ll also reveal some of the key teachings of this popular dating program (I don’t want to spoil it all) and give my verdict on how cost-effective my experience was.

The Obsession Method is a relationship program written and designed by a woman to teach men about female psychology when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

There are four parts, each one is extensive.

But the videos and the text are so beautifully spread out, I completed each part in no time.

On the sales page, the author promises to teach us ‘secret hacks into girls’ brains’ and I was pleasantly surprised to see how simple these hacks were.

Yes, being a long-time researcher of such topics, I had heard a lot of what Kate Spring has to say in this program before.

But there are simply too many tools and concepts in this program for me to say the program is unoriginal or note one of its kind.

After completing the program, I felt I had the right mindset to not only approach girls but do it with a sense of self-confidence or as they call it ‘game’.

Also, I must state that the Obsession Method isn’t a rulebook…

…it’s a guidebook on how every man can create methods of attracting women using some valuable steps.

Keeping these core steps of the method in mind while approaching women was the key to my success.

There’s plenty of books and guides on the psychology of attraction but I was taken aback by this new approach by Kate Spring full of unique insights.

Now it’s clear why this course and many other courses by the relationship expert have become so popular.


Psychological Insight

Another factor that makes the Obsession Method even more special is the use of Harvard-certified psychological methods throughout the program.

These esoteric psychological concepts have been used by specialists from various social science fields for several years.

So, the Obsession Method isn’t completely a Kate Spring brainchild.

Most of the techniques in this program are rooted in advanced Harvard psychological research.

According to the creator, it really doesn’t matter if you don’t have…

  • Financial status
  • An attractive personality
  • Striking physical features or
  • Any communication skills when it comes to girls

Why do I believe her?

Because I had none of these and the program worked just fine for me!

There’s a useful guidebook that steered me through the book.

From learning how to create eye contact with women, to attracting a girl who despises you…

….these well-defined psychological hacks take us through the whole process of sparking and establishing sexual attraction with females.


A Bit About The Creator – Kate Spring

I’ve written to Kate Spring, thanking her for creating this product but I’m yet to hear back.

That’s probably because she’s way too busy helping men and women across the world address relationship problems.

Kate is from Vancouver, Canada, but her fanbase extends across the world.

I’ve heard numerous people visit Kate every year for one-on-one guidance sessions.

Thankfully, after reading the Obsession Method, I don’t need these sessions.

But, it’s highly admirable how she’s advising men on how to get their dream women.

In the process, Kate has transformed countless lives (including mine).

From her words, it’s obvious that she knows what an alpha male is, more than most men on the planet!

Gaining a woman’s perspective on these issues is amazing for a guy like me.

In the program, we also learn a lot about her secret training and educational background.

A BA graduate from the University of Victoria, Kate is a bestselling author and a famous content creator on the internet.Her relationship training sessions are viewed by thousands across the world.

I highly recommend viewing her YouTube channel called “Love Learning” as well.

Her articles advising men on the popular website LoveLearnings.com are refreshing.

She is the real deal and definitely not a scam artist!


Why Was the Obsession Method Created?

I believe, the Obsession Method was created for men like me.

I know it sounds a bit presumptuous to say such a thing but there are so many men like me finding it impossible to get girls that it’s become a major societal issue.

In the past, the term ‘incel’ or ‘involuntary celibate’ used to be a meme.

Nowadays, incels that can’t attract women are everywhere and I’m not ashamed to say that I was an incel before coming across this program.

I know how it feels to land a few dates and face rejection after every one of them.

Instead of blaming our height, weight, looks, or social status – we should be learning the tricks mentioned in this program.

Turning women on isn’t rocket science.

Low-confidence people who still think it is will love being proven wrong by reading the Obsession Method like I was.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of my favorite chapters from this program –


1) Precision Tactics

Learn the methodology of avoiding painful rejections.

Understand the chemistry between the two opposite sexes – from making the first move to inspiring sexual intimacy (without coming off desperate).

After going through this chapter, I was amazed at how naive and unknowledgeable I used to be when it came to approaching women.

2) Story Mode

This chapter was my favorite in the entire program.

Did you know it’s possible to discreetly plant seeds of attraction in a woman’s subconscious mind?

Neither did I before reading Story Mode!

This technique is in a story format and it works nine out of ten times.

3) Body Messages

A lot of the information in this chapter is borrowed from Harvard studies.

Here, Kate Spring teaches us basic body language techniques that the woman you’re targeting can decode as signs of attraction.

I used to think cheesy one-liners were cringe but I still tried them.

Compared to the pickup lines I used in the past, the simple body movements, gestures, hand signals, etc. mentioned in this chapter are far more efficient and gentlemanly.


4) Unstoppable Pickup

Set a target and execute a pickup within a couple of minutes.

Don’t think it’s possible?

I read a section entitled ‘Direction Approach,’ in this chapter and tried it out in real life.

This tried and tested method is the reason why I don’t sleep alone anymore!

5) Turn Her On

Being a ‘normie’ when it comes to sex, Spring’s seduction tactics did make me blush.

But, after rinsing and repeating the tricks in this book, I must say they work perfectly.

6) Desire Protocol

Merely executing a pickup and passing superficial compliments isn’t enough to build a long-term relationship.

Men have to start building deep levels of attraction the day they start going out.

Thanks to the in-depth psychological analysis of women during different stages of a relationship, I was able to work my ‘magic’ on my lady from the first date.

We’ve been together for over three months now.

Once again, thank you, Kate!

7) Subliminal 3’s

Many people fail to realize that their perceptions are being altered by subliminal messages all the time.

Being a member of the advertising industry myself, I had a clear idea of how people used subliminal messages and subtle cues to sell the masses all types of products.

These messages passed under the brink of consciousness works just as well on women.

I’ve read this chapter three times already and I feel a bit bad admitting that I use these tricks on every woman I meet.

Nothing direct. Just subtle cues to spice up dull conversations!

8) Marriage Man

The woman I’m with now is definitely a ‘keeper.’

So, this chapter will certainly help me in the future.

Learn all about keeping women faithful, interested, committed, and sexually active, even after thirty years of marriage.

The ‘Marriage Man’ is a refreshing chapter full of important material that both married and unmarried men can learn from.

9) The Video Archive

There are twenty-eight videos in the Obsession Method.

Here’s my ranking of all the twenty-eight in terms of which ones helped me the most –

  • The public date
  • The first date
  • People are mirrors
  • How to communicate “liking” – My favorite part
  • Body language
  • Building tension
  • How to keep the love alive and exciting
  • Sensate focus
  • How to talk about sex
  • How to have a tough conversation
  • How to use the “I” voice
  • How to communicate to establish a supportive relationship
  • The secure system
  • How to define the relationship
  • Defining the relationship
  • The intimate date
  • How to play hard to get
  • Attraction
  • How to text a girl and get a date
  • How to get a girl’s number
  • Tell stories
  • Ask questions
  • How to talk to women – listen
  • The approaches
  • Dealing with approach anxiety and rejection
  • Screw it attitude
  • Visualization
  • The alpha male mindset
  • It’s only available in digital format, not in physical stores.
  • Certain phrases like ‘panty-dropping’ may come off as sexist to some.
  • Could be weaponized by predators.
  • The author goes off on preachy rants in some chapters; can be much more concise.
  • It reveals some obvious loopholes in the female psyche and some obvious faults in the way men generally approach women.
  • I’ve been able to come off as ‘impressive’ in front of many women after reading this book.
  • The book is original and completely different from the generic dating books/guides in the market today.
  • The program is easy to follow and to the point. It’s designed for impatient men.
  • I landed many dates and hookups after completing this program, facing very few rejections on the way.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Considering the fact that we get three bonus books for free, the Obsession Method is the most cost-effective relationship manual in the market.


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