The 21 Day Smoothie Diet can be described as a plan to lose weight described as a quick and efficient alternative to conventional diets.

The creator of the program claims it has numerous benefits. It can improve sleep quality, keep your skin healthy, increase your energy levels and speed up your weight loss in a matter of minutes.

There are a few negatives to this particular program. It could cause more harm than good over the long term with regards to the health of your body.

This post will provide an in-depth look at the 21-day Smoothie Diet, how it operates, as well as its negative side consequences it could have.

What exactly is it?

The 21 Day Smoothie Diet was a diet plan for weight loss created by a health trainer Drew Sgoutas.

The program involves replacing 2 meals a day for smoothies as well as the underlying concepts of the diet can be found in the book, “The Smoothie Diet,” it is available on the internet at a cost of $47.

The book contains more than 36 recipe for smoothies as well as snacks and meal ideas and shopping plans, weekly schedules and suggestions for making smoothies while maintaining your weight loss for the long term.

According to Sgoutas this 3 week diet regimen can improve your diet, increase immune system function, detoxify your body, enhance the health of your gut and skin and boost your energy levels.

Sgoutas is also claiming that the diet could increase the loss of weight. Indeed, a few testimonials on the website affirm that the program could have led to as much as nine kilograms (4 kilograms) from weight loss three days.

What is it and how to use it

A 21-day Smoothie Diet suggests substituting two daily meals with a smoothie by using recipes from the book.

There are 36 dishes in the book. They were created by using vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and almond as well as coconut milk.

Apart from the two smoothies mentioned above The plan also allows the user to consume one complete daily meal as well as two nutritious snacks.

Foods that are solid should comprise mainly of whole food items and snack foods should be free of sugar and rich in fiber about 150 to 200 calories per portion.

There is also a cheat day a week, where you do not consume any smoothies however meals must be a mixture of whole and food items that are not processed.

If you want, you could begin the process through a detox for three days in which you drink a smoothie instead of three meals per day and two nutritious snacks between.

According to the website of the program The diet is based on making a deficit in calories, in which you use more calories than you consume every day.

It is also rich in fiber, and is believed to aid in resetting your taste buds, thereby reducing cravings for sugar.

The plan is to be completed over 3 weeks, but it can be followed in the amount of times you need until you reach your desired weight.’

Foods you should eat and not eat

The 21 Day Smoothie Diet recommends high-nutrient meals like vegetables and fruits as well as limiting the use of processed ingredients.

Foods to eat

A majority of the smoothie recipes that are included within the three-week program are comprised of vegetables, fruits as well as nuts and seeds. These are blended in coconut milk coconut water as well as almond milk.

The plan also emphasizes the consumption of whole foods, with minimal processing in your other meals and snacks, while adhering to the diet.

A few specific examples of food items which are recommended on The 21 Day Smoothie Diet are:

  • Fruitsbananas and pears apple, oranges, strawberries, raspberries, pineapples
  • Vegetables: spinach, kale, cauliflower, bell peppers, carrots, broccoli
  • Protein-rich foods: chicken, turkey egg, salmon and legumes Greek yogurt
  • Whole grains includebrown rice, quinoa Oats, buckwheat popcorn
  • Seeds and nuts: flaxseed nuts, walnuts, almonds Chia seeds, nutseed butter
  • Alcoholic drinks:almond milk, coconut milk and coconut water
  • Spices and herbs Vanilla extract, freshly-cut ginger mint, parsley, cinnamon
  • Additional ingredients include Unsweetened Cocoa Powder Unsweetened coconut flakes vanilla extract Honey, granola

Avoid certain foods

In the 21-Day Smoothie Diet, restrict your consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages as well as processed food which include processed meats or refined grains as well as food items that are fried.

Here are a few instances of food items to restrict or stay clear of while observing the diet

  • Meat processed:bacon, ham, pepperoni, cold cuts salami
  • Fine grains includewhite rice, pasta white White bread and tortillas
  • Fried food:French fries, mozzarella sticks, donuts chicken as well as fish sticks
  • Processed food:convenience meals, cookies pretzels, chips, pretzels baked products
  • Sweetened drinks with sugar:soda, sweet tea beverages, energy drinks, sports drinks beverages

Helps with in weight loss?

Based on the 21-Day Smoothie Diet’s creator, the diet plan offers approximately 1500 calories daily.

A diet of 1,500 calories a day is likely to result in losing weight for many. But, it can vary depending on a variety of factors such as the size of your body, age as well as your health condition and your level of activity ( 1Trusted Source).

Diets also include the consumption of many nutrient-rich food items including fruits, veggies in addition to nuts, seeds, and that are all rich in fiber.

Fiber flows through your digestion system slowly, assisting keep you full for longer. This can help you lose weight ( 2Trusted Source, 3Trusted Source).

Although it’s very low in calories and rich in fiber However, the 21-Day Smoothie is quite restrictive and could make it difficult to stick to.

Research suggests drinks, like smoothies, tend to be less full than solid food which means you might be more hungry after drinking a lot of daily smoothies ( 4Trusted Source).

It’s not just that. research suggests the weight loss programs which use meal replacements could result in a greater chance of weight gain after a normal diet has been returned .

So, although swapping a few portions of your diet for smoothies can result in some weight loss in the short term however, it’s less likely to be efficient over time.

Side negative effects

Additionally, it is restrictive as well as unsustainable and hard to adhere to The 21-Day Smoothie Diet could also have negative side effects and other disadvantages.

Risk of developing deficiencies in nutrient intake

A single breakfast a day, and then replacing the other two meals you eat with a smoothie can make it more likely to suffer from nutrition deficiencies.

Although the smoothies recommended by the program are rich in nutrient-rich components like vegetables and fruits however, they do not include or restrict many ingredients that make up an adequate meal including entire grains, nutritious fats as well as lean protein.

Certain are also deficient in protein. As an example for example, the Green Detox smoothie — composed of kale, the coconut-based water and bananas lemon and gingerhas less than 4 g of protein in each serving.

It’s difficult to be sure that you’re meeting protein requirements and negatively impacting the repair of tissues, growth of muscles as well as immune function. many more ( 7Trusted Source).

Furthermore, while the diet promises to supply about 1,500 calories daily however, the majority of smoothie recipes have very few calories, and are unlikely to supply enough calories to satisfy the requirements of adult healthy people.

A diet that is too low in calories per daily can affect your metabolism, and can cause negative effects such as nausea, hunger as well as headaches and fatigue. ( 8Trusted Source, 9Trusted Source).

It could be very high in sugar

A lot of smoothies in The 21-Day Smoothie Diet are packed with multiple portions of fruit, such as fruit like pineapples, bananas and strawberries.

There are other sugar components, like honey, granola or even granola.

While these components are delicious as an element of a balanced, healthy and healthy, balanced diet The high amount that are included in this particular diet might not suit everyone.

Particularly, those who suffer from diabetes might need to be aware of their consumption of food rich in carbohydrates like fruit and honey, in order to avoid increases of glucose levels ( 10Trusted Source).

It is not based on any the evidence

One of the major problems with The 21 Day Smoothie Diet is the fact that it doesn’t have any research that supports it.

Although smoothies are an excellent addition to a healthy diet, there’s no research to prove that drinking smoothies as a substitute for other nutrients-rich foods will boost your skin, gut well-being as well as the function of your immune system in the way that food plan claims.

Additionally, the official site is brimming with reviews from people who claim to reduce pounds rapidly.

This is not only untrue and insane, it may also pose a risk for health.

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